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Niugini Islands



Formerly referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ Rabaul Papua New Guinea is like nowhere else in Asia Pacific. A still active volcano stands sentinel at one of the most scenically beautiful harbours on earth. Rabaul possesses a unique atmosphere. Much of the town still lies eerily under fallen ash from the last major eruption yet in the eastern precinct modern-day life flourishes around the port of Simpson Harbour.

Rabaul today is becoming a very popular destination for visiting cruise-liners. The key attraction lies in the unique blend of present-day beauty and former disaster and upheaval. The stunning scenery is best viewed from viewpoints atop Namanula and Observatory Hills but a visit to the Duke of York Islands is a must too. There are often dolphins frolicking in Simpson Harbour and even magnificent diving opportunities.

History buffs are also sure to be fascinated by the vast amount of World War II history left behind after the Japanese occupation. Close to 600kms of tunnels were constructed during this time some of which can still be explored today and relics abound in situ such as gun emplacements and fallen aircraft. The Kokopo War Museum is also a must.

South Sea Horizons have a headquaters here and are the experts in Rabaul. Learn more about our range of Rabaul Tours below.

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