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Explore Highlands with South Sea Horizons.

Rich with an abundance of cultural diversity and extraordinary wilderness, the Papua New Guinea Highlands (Niugini) is genuinely one of the world’s last frontier experiences. The island of Niugini is the second-largest island in the world and shares a border with Irian Jaya (Indonesia). It hosts over 20 % of the world of the world’s languages, and over 400 tribes live in amongst its forest, rivers and towns. 

For the same reasons you would travel to Africa for a wildlife safari, a visit to the Niugini Highlands is a cultural safari experience like no other in the world. To get the best of out this part of Papua New Guinea travellers need to have quality, well-trained guides who will be able to explain the diversity of each region and achieve a genuinely authentic cultural experience.

Come with South Sea Horizons on a cultural safari of the Niugini Highlands.

Destination Niugini Highlands

Visit the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to experience some of the more exotic birds, culture and landscapes. Not too many places in the world can boast about such diversity

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