Lauren’s Kokoda Track Experience

The Kokoda Finish Line

This month I finished an amazing trek on the Kokoda trail and the thing that stuck out the most to me was the generosity and humility of the local people. They opened up their homes and villages to us and were the most inspiring and happy communities of people I have ever met.

These are the descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who literally carried our injured soldiers through the jungle terrain of PNG during World War 2. And our local porters on the trek literally saved my butt a number of times from some really dangerous falls. At night they sang their appreciation for our troops who had fought on their lands, won and ensured that land was given back to the people who now live in peace in their very humble villages.

I get emotional even writing this email. Am so grateful I did this Kokoda trek and with South Sea Horizons as my operator. I learnt a great deal and now want to do what I can to bring some awareness to this organisation and the amazing things the people over there are doing.

P.S. If anyone is keen to have a look at going over, I’ll put you in touch with Alan who is a legend and the only person you should trust to take you on this kind of experience.

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