South Sea Horizons Inspires Responsible Tourism Advocacy among UNRE Students in East New Britain

Vudal, Gazelle District, East New Britain – [30th May 2023] –

South Sea Horizons - Working with University of Natural Resources

South Sea Horizons – Working with University of Natural Resources Tourism Students

Alan Manning, General Manager of South Sea Horizons Australasia, expressed his enthusiasm for the students’ commitment to understanding the tourism industry and their determination to improve its standards. He said, “Tourism is an undervalued resource here in East New Britain that can play a vital role in employment and economic growth, particularly in the Gazelle District. It is truly encouraging to witness students choosing to study tourism, as they hold the key to comprehending the industry and enhancing its future.”

Manning emphasized the exceptional opportunity that lies ahead in creating a thriving tourism industry within the Gazelle District. He acknowledged the crucial role of educated tourism operators and identified the students and the forthcoming output of the tourism course at UNRE as the next generation of tourism stakeholders. “To realize this vision, we must offer insights into all tourism practices, from mass tourism products like the PNO cruise to niche tourism such as caving. By providing comprehensive knowledge on industry best practices and effective strategies to mitigate economic and social risks, we equip these future tourism advocates to make informed decisions and contribute to the sustainable growth of the Gazelle District’s tourism sector,” explained Manning.

South Sea Horizons recognizes the diverse range of tourism practices in the Gazelle District, including popular mass tourism attractions and niche tourism activities. Understanding the intricacies and potential impacts of these practices is crucial for the aspiring tourism professionals. Through their collaboration with UNRE, South Sea Horizons aims to instill a deep understanding of responsible tourism practices, sustainable approaches, community engagement, and cultural preservation in the students’ education.

“It is not only about promoting responsible tourism but also about highlighting the economic and social benefits that can be derived from sustainable practices. By engaging local communities and preserving our cultural heritage, we ensure that tourism brings positive outcomes for both visitors and residents,” emphasized Manning.

South Sea Horizons is dedicated to integrating these essential elements into the curriculum at UNRE. By discussing with students about the knowledge and skills necessary to address the challenges and opportunities within the tourism industry, South Sea Horizons aims to create a generation of tourism professionals who are well-prepared to drive the growth of the Gazelle District’s tourism sector while preserving its natural beauty and cultural authenticity.


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About South Sea Horizons:

South Sea Horizons is a prominent tourism organization operating in Papua New Guinea. With a mission to promote responsible tourism practices, South Sea Horizons strives to create authentic and sustainable experiences for travellers while benefiting local communities and preserving the region’s natural and cultural heritage. Through their expertise and collaboration with educational institutions like UNRE, South Sea Horizons contributes to the development and enhancement of the Gazelle District’s tourism offerings.

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