Kokoda Training Program

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12 week training Program for Kokoda

All the information provided here has been put together as a general guide for your Kokoda preparation.

South Sea Horizons must stress that each individual is different and fitness levels are and capabilities may vary.

We suggest that the sessions below are the minimum you will need to prepare for the trek however we suggest that you

  • First visit a doctor before you start training and undergo a medical check and seek advice so that you may properly understand the health risks associated with undertaking an exercise program.
  • Visit a Physio Therapist and ask for a body screen, which will allow the Physio to prescribe either rehabilitation or prehabilitation exercises for you Kokoda Training
  • Take 2 -3 personal training sessions with a qualified PT who will walk you through a program which should incorporate your prescribed exercises from your Physio Therapist.
  • Always read your body if you feel tightness in your muscles always stop and stretch don’t push through the tightness as it may lead to an injury.
  • STRETCHING after every session is paramount to stop injuries.
  • On all walks, carry the day pack you will use on Kokoda with everything you will be carrying on Kokoda – 4 litres of water is recommended amount.

Cardio equipment at gymnasium, spin/cycle classes, running, group exercise sessions, circuit classes and bike riding etc.


A higher intensity training that requires you to put in a hard e ort for a certain amount of time follower by a lower intensity e ort. In this particular program the high and lower intensity e orts are continuous. It is based on the “fartlek” training program which is Swedish for speedplay.
MHR (MAXIMUM HEART RATE) Your own maximum heart rate is calculated by the following formula: 220 – age (for example,
the maximum heart rate for someone aged 40 would look like the: 220 – 40 = 180). This formula is only an estimation.

You should complete the stretches from this sheet at least twice a week, other than when training. You may wish to do it while watching TV at night.

12 week training Program for Kokoda

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