Alan Manning

General Manager South Sea Horizons


  • Alan is the co-founder of South Sea Horizons
  • Based in Queensland,he manages SSH Australia which is focused on product awareness, business development and provides close personal attention to clients before they travel to PNG. Al has a passion for promoting PNG.
  • He continues to maintain the high stadard of our Kokoda product by conducting training and education programs with our porters, historians and guides.
  • having played some profesional rugby union, he has particular interest in the unique talented youths in PNG and their infinitate potential and natural ability to do anything they set their minds to
  • "I love PNG, we have an amazing country that should be showcased to the rest of the world. The raw beauty of our people and the countryside will amaze you. Our aim is to make sure you experience everything good our country has to offer…… and then tell your friends about it”

Saii Faole

Brigade Hill Mission Tours - Kokoda Track Partner


  • Saii established this landowner company in 2008 in close association with local leaders from a cluster of villages along the Kokoda Track.
  • His vision was to ensure that benfits from his tourism venture went directly to his people along the track.
  • He is an experienced campaigner along the track and has been trekking with tourists for over 15 years.
  • He is a local landowner from Menari village and the son of Faole Bokoi who is one of the last surviving Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.

Relly Manning

SSH Rabaul


  • Relly is Alan Manning's mother and chairman of SSH
  • Based at Kenebot (Kokopo), Relly is SSH point of contact and coordinator of tours in Rabaul.
  • Being of local Tolai descent, Relly holds a good rapport with her wantoks in Rabaul and is a dedicated promoter of tourism in the region.