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BRIGADE OK7 – Ower’s Corner to Kokoda

BRIGADE KO7- Kokoda to Ower’s Corner


KPOW & KPOWR – 7 Days/6 Nights (On track)

Group Size:

Minimum 4 Trekkers – Maximum 16 trekkers per group

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Tour Description:

The SSHOK7 and SSHKO7 is an itinerary not for the faint hearted. This is a tough and gruelling trek that requires a high level of fitness and conditioning. This tour is designed for a trekker who seeks a physical and mental test from the Kokoda Track.

SSHOK9 and SSHKO9 is a tour designed for the trekker who wants to take in the culture as well as isnt on a time constraint. Dont take this lightly as the Kokoda is still grueling and tough regardles of the number of days taken to complete it.


Fly to Pom –Transfer to Owers Cornertrek to Good Water 


  Good Water to Offi Creek


  Offi Creek to Manari 


  Manari to Naduri


  Naduri to Tc 2


  Tc2 to Isurava Battle field


  Isurava B/field to KKDA


  Fly back to pom- Tour of Bomana and Pom

Pro’s and con’s

  • -‘ve: Longer hours of trekking (average 9 hours per day)
  • -‘ve: Less time in villages to experience melanesian way of life
  • -‘ve: Get tired of looking at your feet
  • +’ve: High level of satisfaction
  • +’ve: Discover the person within you
  • +’ve: Speed to complete allows for extended itineraries (Fishing, diving, surfing or some island style R&R)

Trek Structure

  • 1:1 Trekker to Porter – All trekkers will be assigned a personal porter. This aims to promote relationship building between porters and trekkers, enhance safety and well being of trekkers and to assist in reaching the ultimate goal of completing the entire track.
  • Tour Guide – Each group will be assigned a local tour guide who will be responsible for communication with home base, decision making on the track and liaising between his Lead man (2ic), porters and trekkers. The tour guide is the caretaker of money and is responsible for payments to all villages.
  • Compressed formation – The compressed formation keeps the trekking group tightly bonded. This assists the porters, guide and lead man to closely monitor trekkers conditioning. By keeping the group close together, we believe that the team factor and impetus will drive trekkers harder to reach the end goal – Kokoda!

Kokoda Package Includes

  • Accommodation in Port Moresby – 2 Nights at Ela Beach Hotel
  • Transport – To Ower’s Corner and around Port Moresby (half day)
  • Trekking content – Brigade Hill Mission Tours (Guides, personal Porter, group porters and accommodation)
  • Food – Supplied by our trusted supplier in Port Moresby “Boroko Foodworld”
  • Plane flight from Kokoda to Port Moresby

Does not include meals and extended tour itinerary (See special Options page for more information)

Retail Price Range:

Kokoda Trail Package – 6 Day / 7 Day / 8 Day / 9 Day Treks

Note: For agent enquiries please contactl>> enquiries@southseahorizons.com


Cost 1-6 Trekkers 7-11 Trekkers 12-16 Trekkers

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Discalaimer: Tour package prices are costed “Per Person” based on the number of travellers in a group. All prices are indicative and subject to change at anytime due to change in rates by operators, hoteliers, fuel surcharges and other related costs. Enquiries for prices will be confirmed once a client has completed the book online form. The above rates are for “Land Content Only.” Airfares, travel insurance and extra tour activities are not included. Package includes airfare from Port Moresby to Kokoda (Vice Versa). Package Does not include international airfares and domestic flights from Port Moresby. Client is advised to read all and agree to the tours “Terms and Conditions” prior to committing to this tour package. ALL PRICES IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS

Important Information

  • Please refer to this section of the website to understand the medical conditions related to the track and all requirements that need to be completed or made aware of to the trekker.
  • A packing list has been provided by South Sea Horizons Corporate sponsor – Paddy Pallin. It is important to pack smart and always be conscious of weight.
  • Learn about the history behind Brigade Hill Mission Tours – A local Kokoda Trail trekking company setup, owned and managed by a cooperative of villages from Nauro to Eora Creek.