“Pearl of the Pacific” to the “Pompeii of the Pacific”

Kokopo Museum

Kokopo War Museum: East New Britain Historical & Cultural Centre: Located across the road from the golf course, this has good displays and collections of historical relics and photographs, with plenty of information. Open 8am-1pm and 2pm-4pm week days; 1pm–5pm weekends. Small admission charge.

Vunapope Catholic Mission

Vunapope Catholic Mission:Established in 1898. Pleasant views and old colonial buildings, some are pre 1900 near the hospital grounds are interesting.Used by Japanese forces in WW2 as an administrative centre with the cathedral being used as horses’ stable. The mission is located at the eastern end of Kokopo.

Bitapaka War Cemetery

Bitapaka War Cemetery: The graves of more than 1000 allied war dead, including Pakistani and Indian are in these outstandingly well-kept grounds and gardens. Extremely huge, magnificent rain trees are located at the entrance. Located several kilometres inland, turning off the coast road past Vunapope.

Malmaluan Lookout Pre Eruption

Malmaluan Lookout:A commemorative lookout which reminds us of the feats of coastwatchers in PNG during WW2. Fantastic views over the volcanoes surrounding Simpson Harbour can be enjoyed from this inland highpoint. Take Burma Road, off the Kokopo-Rabaul Road.

Japanese Barge Tunnel
Japanese Barge Tunnels: At Karavia Bay between Kaluana Point and Vulcan are a network of tunnels and tracks connecting barges and buildings dating back to WW2. In the main tunnel are five barges lined up end to end. Take a torch.
Rabaul HarbourRabaul: Some parts of Rabaul still function but most of it remains an eerie desolate wasteland covered by metres of ash. Beautiful Simpson Harbour is still the main port, guarded by the grumbling volcanoes. A market and a few shops still operate at the eastern end of town. Visit Observatory hill and Namanula hill for excellent viewing.
War Relic
Tunnels and war relics: Some of the 580km of tunnels built by the Japanese are still open and aircraft wreckage can be seen beyond the old airport. Gunanur tunnels, Kabakaul WW1 landing place and Pre WW1 German cemetery in Kokopo are some highlights.
Duke of York Islands

Duke of York Islands: These beautiful islands are undeveloped but are easily visited.Reputed resting place for Australia’s first submarine, AE1. Some have accommodation and tiny Mioko Island has an interesting history,the initial home for Queen Emma who created the commercial enterprises in ENB and surrounds.Most possessions of the ill-fated Marquis-de-Rays expedition were brought from New Ireland to Mioko. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing and canoeing are good.

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